Made in China: Xiaomi - the company trusted by all tech lovers-Wallmart

Made in China: Xiaomi - the company trusted by all tech lovers

 A bit of history

 It is hard to imagine but still 6.5 years ago the company simply did not exist. Phenomenal growth from its inception until today, when equal Xiaomi with such monsters as Samsung or Apple went in such a short period of time, that it is hard to believe. And all because the company with respect to us, ordinary users. Done by people and for people. Many say the first days of life of the company. It was established April 6, 2010 years to release their own software.
What I think when I hear about company Xiaomi? This is the company that changed the world. Seriously. You just think what contribution it has made to the world of style and technique in the first place. They were able to create competition in the Smartphone world monopolists, so-called A brands, offering very high quality products at a reasonable price. This had a significant impact on competition and accordingly the final price to the consumer. Now for a conditional $100 consumer gets stuffed and apparatus, which in the past we could not dream for such cost.

 Many brands is good. Let live various Ulefone, Elephone, Umi, Oukitel, Cubot and other ... Because they keep leaders in tone, not letting relax because offer similar features for much less money. However, Xiaomi still stands alone, because unlike the above brands offers you excellent quality products and its own software.
 If you forgot - I recall at the beginning of 2010 the year smartphones on Android 2.1 operating system, which was to put it mildly not finalized and was only on the way to becoming. Many limitations, lack of detailed settings, little functionality, simple design without customization capabilities-all loved it all. Plain folks enjoyed it with pleasure, as I do, but it was more from the frustration and the lack of alternatives.
 However, not everyone liked this. A group of enthusiasts consisting of 8 people, including the people who work at Microsoft, Google, Motorola, and even Vice President for development of the Android operating system have decided to create your product. The Director became Lei Jun, who is a huge fan of mobile technologies, which asked all his life. Together with Bin Lin, who worked at Microsoft and Google as a Chief Engineer, they came up with the idea to make the interface of the operating system more user-friendly. They dreamed of making clear and at the same time possessing wide settings wrapper that would lead the Android operating system to a new level, not shy to borrow the best ideas from Samsung and Apple. And in 2010 year Mir saw MIUI.
 In any case, the product has turned out high-quality, and most importantly, stable. All the Internet community exploded enthusiastic feedback about the new shell. It does not become tied to a specific brand and in theory it can be installed on any smartphone. It was a breakthrough!
 Inspired by the success, companies are beginning to develop its own Smartphone. Where, if not in its offspring they can optimize the wrapper to perfect condition. They illuminate the issue such a smartphone that can boast high performance and an affordable price. In late summer, they released their 2011 Xiaomi MI One who just broke the Chinese market. On the performance the Smartphone oppose with the flagships of the time and when the cost is much cheaper, just $300!
 And exactly one year later, they released MI 2, whereby the whole world spoke about the company. Smartphone is equipped with the most modern at that time 4 core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, which works in conjunction with powerful video accelerator Adreno 320. The cherry on the cake was the RAM-entire 2 GB. For the year 2012 characteristics were very steep. All geeks, gamers and regular users immediately wanted to this smartphone. Sales already counted in the millions, and from this point we can assume that in the world, another major player in the Smartphone market.
 But the real success came to Xioaomi with their MI 3, which was released in August 2013. It was truly a hit smartphone: high-quality screen, high performance, excellent camera.
 In that year, the company has made a strategic decision to win one of the biggest markets - India. The first batch sold out for 40 minutes and it does not limit the subsequent smetali smartphones in seconds. For example, the first batch of MI 4 went for a record 15 seconds.
The secret to success is simple-quality smartphones comparable with world leaders have cost much cheaper competitors. It is believed that in order to win popularity among users of the first models of smartphones were sold with minimal markup, sometimes even at cost. This we are accustomed to seeing products Xiaomi - a perfect balance of price/quality.

 Do not be afraid and to experiment. For example their smartphones they sold in nondescript cardboard box from recycled paper. When the box was so strong that no problems will withstand the weight of an adult human. It was very important, because most of the products they sold through Internet shops worldwide, and we all know how sometimes suffers the goods upon delivery of international mail. Heavy-duty packaging did not give rashljabannym workers not chance damaging the content upon delivery.
 Already producing smartphones, they switched to another technology. In the beginning these were the tablets, then other devices: routers, TVs, headphones, etc. To date, easier to say what the company did not produce, than to list all their products. But let us take a look and select the main groups of goods, which can be found on sale.

The largest group and main. This year they are very fruitfully worked in this direction. If at first they released one smartphone a year, then on 2-3, in 2016, they released 14 models, not counting different versions of the same model (improved processor, memory, etc.).
 In context the segment appeared frameless MI MIX, which in addition to ultramodern design can offer top features:

-Screen: frameless, 6.4 inches with a resolution of 2040h1080
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8996 821 Pro
-Video accelerator: Adreno 530
-Memory: 4/128 Gb
-Battery: 4400 mAh
 In the middle price segment, the present King can be considered Xiaomi Remi Note 3 Pro. This is probably the best selling smart, it heard everything. Almost every Smartphone review at one time in the comments was limited to two postulates:

1) Better add n $ and buy Redmi Note 3 Pro (if overlooked smart cheaper)

2) Sense to overpay for it, if there is Redmi Note 3 Pro (if sabzh a bit expensive)

 Fans fiercely defended his favorite device, despite a mediocre camera and sometimes creaky body. And no wonder, because smart offers excellent performance for a reasonable price: Snapdragon 650 works in tandem with powerful graphics Adreno 510 and is a real revelation for gamers of all stripes. Yes, and in typical usage model will suit 90% of users.
 In the budget segment Xiaomi left no chance anyone firing Redmi 3, which a few months later reworked, improving performance and adding trend technology-fingerprint scanner. The model got so successful that just killed all of its competitors in this price range. Third-tier manufacturers like Oukitel, UMI, Elephone, etc. began to feel very ill and went into the segment of ultra budget (below $80) or image models. Although this particular remains elusive. Personally my opinion: Redmi 3S-people's phone. Modern processor, nice screen, metal body, and 4000 mAh battery. Most became a rule from the company. If before coming out with similar-capacity battery, smartphone, it offered as a supercentenarian (e.g. THL 4000/4400 or Oukitel K4000). And now it's the usual budget smartphone, cost just over $100.
 Of course not all models were obtained from the company so popular and in demand, but frankly I can't call failed. Yes, for example new Redmi Note 4 has not received such a success, as the previous model, but it is rather dislike to Mediateck, which assembled model. The rest is another step forward-building became all-metal design has changed for the better. But buy it reluctantly, probably waiting for Redmi Note 4 Pro on the processor Snapdragon.

 Tablets are considered a rather niche product, especially now, when the boundaries of tablets and Smartphones are gradually disappearing. Xiaomi Mi Max 6.44 inch "can hardly be called a simple Smartphone, even 5 years ago limit dreams was to buy Tablet 7 inch by inch. But nevertheless, this little diagonal for some tasks if more exacting entertainment. Much nicer to watch a movie on the big screen and certainly more convenient to play on a Tablet than a small smartphone. Tablet has become not only a device for entertainment, but also for the work of the Office, presentations, work programs-now all it is on Android.

 In my opinion the company woke up a little late, that losing such a big market. Its first tablet they released only in year 2014. Nevertheless, the Tablet has become very popular, the idea of design were taken from iPad mini. I think it was even the first Android Tablet 4:3 ratio. Outwardly it was similar at the same time on Ipad and iPhone 5 c (with colorful covers), who was then at the peak of its popularity. In addition to a pleasant appearance of Tablet offered excellent performance: high quality display, diagonal 7.9 inches (Retina), the most powerful Nvidia Tegra system K1, excellent for both the Tablet Chamber, capacious battery etc Tablet became a real hit!
 Xiaomi MiPad 2 went through year-in and year 2015 based on the newest processor from Intel-Atom X 5 Z8500, and now in addition to the Android version on Windows version 10. The Tablet could be a hit, if not for the limited memory, which cannot be extended by using the card, in the case of Android is still bearable, but for windows memory is always a little.
 Just the other day there was information about Xiaomi MiPad 3, which must submit in the first decade 2017 onwards. We expect a very interesting device. Firstly he rose to 9.7 inches diagonal. Thus the thickness will be only 6 mm! Technically too Tablet grew up: Intel Core m3-7Y30 seventh generation with integrated Intel HD Graphics graphics card 615. 8 gigabytes of RAM and 128/256 gb internal, depending on the version. In addition, the keyboard will be available separately, which already become Tablet NetBook. The only question is the price. It would cost about $200-I would not hesitate, but likely at the start of the sales price will be above $300.

 Another area where there are some successes-notebooks. At this stage, there are two relevant models Xiaomi Air 12 ($ 600) and Xiaomi Air 13 ($ 800). Stunning design, thought-out ergonomic keyboard and quality IPS display make it desirable for many. This version runs on the Intel Core i5-6200u with graphics card GeForce GT 940MX and delivers high performance in everyday tasks. 8 Gb of RAM and a fast SSD drive at 256 Gb drive only support this. We can say that the model copied from Apple laptop, but it's not quite true. Yes, there are similarities, as in all modern ultrabooks, but there are solutions. In any case, see nothing wrong with borrowing the most interesting ideas.

 What else? Home appliances! In this direction the company employs today very active, apparently taking the example of the Korean company Samsung, which also works on all fronts.

 TVs Xiaomi already received quite widespread and even sold in local Internet shops with the official guarantee. Recently introduced a new series of thin smart TVs Mi TV 3S. It includes 3 models: basic-55 inch inches, standard-65 inches with a screen from Samsung and top-Home Theater, 65 inches Samsung screen + audio surround sound system with a subwoofer. Of course this tv is smart and he works on the processor, graphics 6A928 MStar Mali 760 and 2 gigs of RAM.
 All the rest

 Now, it's probably easier to call that the company does not produce, than to list all that is produced under the brand MI. But still, let's remember the most popular products:

 Wear technology, this course fitness bracelets mi band and a version with a pul'sometrom mi band 2. According to statistics - is the most popular gadget of all post-Soviet space in the year 2016.

 Headphones. Yes-Yes-Yes, this budget of all stripes and pistons Xiaomi Hybrid with two radiators is their not discussed just lazy.

 Routers, repeaters, Web cameras and computer equipment - are famous for its reliable performance and affordable price.

 Clothing and shoes. Yes, you heard right:) In smart towel invented Xiaomi with built-in pedometer, gloves that react screens of modern smartphones.

 Miscellaneous - now branded Xiaomi to buy: tv box, purse, pillow, lamps, kettles, vacuum cleaners, humidifiers, external batteries, toys and more.
 You think that Xiaomi everywhere?
 Wait, I have not yet talked about the concept of "smart home", which promotes the company. Imagine this scenario: you wake up in the morning by gradually increasing the brightness of light that simulates dawn. If it is not awakened you-smart bracelet definitely will awaken your vibrations at a specified time. In bed with your smartphone you turn the light on in the kitchen and tea that he had begun to boil. Coming to the kitchen remains the only BREW coffee and fry a couple of toasts. Then in the shower, where the music plays from the wireless speakers and forward-to dress for work. By the way don't forget to weigh in, because control over the condition of the body is important. Just stand on the scales, and they themselves will give information on smartphone, where you can comfortably follow the dynamics of weight for long periods. Health is very important, so arm bracelet, which reminds you that you need to move more, making breaks ... And while you work, home working Robot cleaner, making your home cleaner. And it's not a fantasy but a reality, all voiced by the device right now, you can buy at one of our Internet shops.
 Any negative points:

 It may appear that not a company directly, and ideal. But until the ideal Xiaomi still very far away. Because at this point there are two problems.

 The first - localization. Most of its products the company produces for the world's largest market - for themselves. Let me remind you that China's population is 1 382 494 824 person, plus or minus a couple of million. And accordingly, even selling within their own countries they will feel very good. The most interesting products are exported, mainly to the United States and India. Least of all Chinese care about the Russian-speaking population, which against the background of the above countries is a drop in the ocean. Hence the problem with localization, because sales at first Russian language firmware is often lacking, and some goods and worse, can only be bought with firmware in the language of the manufacturer. And begin dancing with tambourines, flashing-flashing, amateur translations and other amenities that are ordinary user. Of course it's not totally all products such as Smartphones, the situation has greatly improved, increasingly, new models are coming out with international global version, but not all. For example flagship smartphone MI5S still lacks international versions.

 The second slight decline in product quality. This is directly connected with the fact that developers simply do not have time to bring to mind software, releasing on the fact crude product and correcting the shortcomings already on the move, releasing the patch firmware. Yes and banal marriage in production became noticeably more than in the formative years of the company when almost the Chief Engineer himself validate each issued copy)) Now producing scattered all over the country, the number of unit is growing every year and it is difficult to control all this giant. At least, however, they still try to keep the brand, because it is very easy to squander the image earned. Buying xiaomi you can still rely on good quality products, and marriage happen all ...

 Buy Xiaomi products there are different ways. The first in the country, in official stores. The last couple of years started to grow, appear the most popular products. Buy official store you get localized version and official guarantee. But of course this affects the final price, sometimes quite significantly, especially on expensive goods.

 The second way - online shopping with free shipping worldwide. I'll mention some of the most popular in my opinion. First of all I recommend to pay attention here.
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