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Meizu HD50 headphones for modern styles

Many know me as a connoisseur of sound equipment, but here's what I never wanted to come, so this is for reviews of headphones. There is just a mass of nuances that make some people enthusiastically model wanted, and others simply repelled, bearing in mind that this is the same sound features. I'm not going to enter into polemics that better, just describe their vision of a sound path Meizu HD50 and will try to assess from the point of view of convenience, relevance and monitornosti sound.


Type: overhead, headset, wired connection
Design: folding swivel
Cable: detachable, length 1.2 meters, 3.5 mm plug
Probe: diameter 40 mm dynamic
Frequency response: 20-20000 Hz
Impedance: 32 Ohm
Sensitivity: 130 ± 3 DB
Microphone sensitivity: -42 ± 3 DB
THD: less than 0.5%
Weight: 228 grams


Came in fairly extreme "HD50" Meizu box.

On the back of an honest timetable suffered quite the AFR.

As a complete set we have instructions and a black carrying case, pleasant to the touch fabric.

Inside the case find themselves headphones separately, cable and 6.3 mm jack adapter for avion.


Meizu "HD50" very gently lie on the head, I confess, to use them was insanely comfortable. Ears do not get tired and don't sweat even when long-term listening to music.

Headband made of synthetic leather with logo of Meizu increases clicks and has caused Division.

Cups are made of fake leather and metal, have mobile design and naturally felt on any head.


This is the earphones that I want to listen to, the first thing you do pay attention to the soft pleasant feed, then attention catches some slurring sound and as a result the average level of detail, but at a level that is "just", but not "too".


High frequency displayed on the second plan, they sound more felt than heard. Plates, soft, dense. Sound closer to the dark color.


MIDs are soft, intelligibility sufficient aggression, although there is transparency, but they are served fairly smooth and bright. Piano sounds closer to Rhodes through the specifics of filing.


Low frequencies raised several footy, but fit into the sound picture very correctly, played in their place without Nawala on mids. A lover of warm, cast and powerful bass such a filing. Double bass is difficult to distinguish from the electric bass.


SAB bass soft, moderately deep, as well as the high frequency plays more surrounds the role. Sound level with low frequency component, therefore, perceived it as something coherent.


Meizu HD50 good will play most modern styles, at the expense of bass and smooth mid-chic sounding rock, pop, hip-hop, electronics, and so much more all modern and drum and bass styles, however, due to low detail, complex jazz and classical compositions will look not very full and perceived quality level, but FM synthesis instead of acoustic instruments.


Excellent convenience and a penchant for youth styles makes Meizu HD50 really enjoyable and relevant, but they cannot claim the role of monitor and poorly adapted to difficult acoustic music. And Yes, despite my preference for the EQs, I appreciate these headphones as a very good choice, especially if the audio source is a smartphone or a budget player.

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