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Nillkin-the best friend for your gadget

 Iphone or Samsung? Xiaomi or Meizu? Never mind. Regardless of the smartphone brands, we use, we love them in his own way, which is not surprising when you consider how much time spend with mobile assistants. Someone solely on work and someone for the sake of entertainment, because modern smartphone is a real multimedia processor, capable of replacing good dozen devices digital camera, mp3 player, Navigator, gaming console, etc.
 And, of course, everyone wants to remain operable devices for as long as possible without losing the look. Today, we talk about the company Nillkin, which specializes in Accessories for smartphones.

 Personally, when we buying a new phone - the first thing we search to him a good screen protector glass, as experimentally found that scratched and beat any-even gorilla glass 3, though the gorilla glass 4. Even a small scratch on the screen would annoy me and bring discomfort. And here are the cases do not accept, because I think they spoil the design. Others accessories, to buying a good cover is mandatory.
  I personally know people who almost several times a day drop the smartphones. All our are different:)
 But all our faced with finding those or other quality accessories and do it in a variety of Chinese manufacturers is not easy.

Globally all Nillkin products can be divided into 3 categories:

1) covers, bumpers, glass, films, etc - everything you need to protect your smartphone from damage or yourself.
2) chargers, Wireless charging, cables.
3) Other accessories such as: wireless speakers with protection from rain, table lamps with Wireless charging function for your Smartphone or multiport usb hub with built-in qi exercices.

 I will talk briefly about each of the categories more precisely to share a personal experiences from the use of their products. I can't say that all manufactured products turns out just fine. No, as all are unsuccessful model. And the prices low language not turn call. For example, for the price you can buy Nillkin protective glass 4 glass from noname manufacturer. But as for me-it's worth it.

 To better understand what this beast of a worth a little get acquainted with the company history. By modern standards it is still young company was founded in the year 2009 in Shenzhen. The purpose of the edition of innovative and quality accessories. While much attention is paid to the appearance, design. At this stage, they somehow won the confidence of buyers and successfully traded on the international market. Explore the product range can be found at the official site, there is an English page.
 Protect: smartphone Cases

 So, from the history of the move to a more urgent topic. The most widely represented category of course are a variety of cases. To produce them using a variety of materials, including such expensive as real leather or suede. Of course use and more affordable materials-plastic or silicone. Not always the latest in practice turn out to be worse. A simple example: I was asked to pick up the case in the form of booklets for Smartphone Asus Zenfone Max. After a few options I have proposed (from different manufacturers), people chose leather QUI leather case from Nillkin in white.
 Yes, it looks elegant and a pleasure to use. Pleasant to the touch, do not thicken smartphone, there are functional window that works with a magnetic sensor. Time has shown that he is totally not practical. White skin very quickly came to the icky State, appeared worn. Perhaps in a dark color, it wouldn't be so noticeable. The end of his life became a nasty fall, which cracked frame. Thanks to cover smartphone remained intact, but it was impossible. Despite this, the customer was very pleased and asked to order the same, but in black.

 By accident we noticed a new cover model look very similar, but of other materials, and besides for a couple of bucks cheaper. Modell called Sparkle and made entirely of artificial materials.
 In practice, this model was much Frost and after a couple of months it looks like new. This suggests that is not always the quality of the material plays a decisive role.

 When you select must be guided primarily by real users feedback, rather than be on the promotional descriptions. Even more often negative reviews can be even more useful, because Frank bare weaknesses. For all time of its chinese shopping, and it is more than 7 years, I have seen quite a lot of different covers and bumpers from Nillkin and blunt saw and very unsuccessful model, and simply over-priced. But the vast majority of its money and its functions are coping perfectly well. Just a big plus is that they release covers most of the popular models, and for products of top brands of Apple or Samsung - the choice is simply huge.

 Alternatives: Yes, in principle, any, not no name manufacturer. Lately for example: Mofi, iPaky, Pzoz, etc. Naturally when you select need to be guided by common sense - the sensible good looking high quality case may not be very cheap.

 Protect smartphone: Glass, film

 Not less popular is such a category, as protective glasses and films. My opinion is the most important part of protection. How many perevidal already broken screens and as many know cases where protective glass rescued from damage and cut through from costly repairs. A distinctive feature of the screen protectors from Nillkin is their impact resistance and good an oleophobic coating. Until recently I was buying only their screens protectors and always been pleased. But here are 3 months ago I changed my phone to Xiaomi Mi5s. The first 3 weeks I used it without the glass but then noticing the first micro scratch.
 But soon I was upset, because judging from glass veil not the entire screen. Around the perimeter there is a small indentation, is connected with the fact that glass from the Smartphone has rounded edges, is a so-called 2.5d glass. Because of this, along the edges of the glass cannot be snug and his sticky becomes impossible. Succumbing to the weakness of the minute I ordered another, cheaper glass.
 There is a logical question, but how it can completely cover the entire area of the 2.5d screen Smartphone? Everything is very simple - you use a completely different method of gluing. Glass from Nillkin (and other similar) stick through the static - you just clean the screen from dust wipes and gently apply glass (whatever it does not emit dust better do it in a damp room, such as a bathroom with an outdoor faucet). Glass that I ordered-has an opaque frame which marked adhesive agent. The adhesive agent marked only at the top and bottom. Glue it was not difficult, but then I come upon the utter frustration. Glass was not glass and cheap plastic, which already after a couple of days was a lot of small scratches. With side parts where no glue under the glass began to filter dust. About lack of oleofob coverage - we keep silence.
 In addition to the above mentioned shortcomings such glass have another - due to the fact that the central part is not tight to the screen appears "Rainbow spot" distorting the color on your display. In general I do not advise. More than a couple of days I broke down and ordered Nillkin. Let better indented from the edges, but quality. Now wait for it eagerly, suffering with a plastic cheap. In its own way, it is also a rewarding experience. There is always a choice of either walking around with lousy "glass" on the entire screen, or with quality, but covering the whole area. You can of course at all without it, but to scratch a smartphone for $300 I am not ready:) And the reason all the fashion for 2.5d screens. A similar dilemma to face all owners of new smartphones, now 2.5d put on 99% of novelties.

 In addition to screen protectors on sale can still be found and the film. The truth is they will not save the screen from being hit in the fall, but will protect from scratches. They are of course much cheaper that many may be the deciding factor. For film Nillkin on Mi5S asking about $2.5.

 Alternatives: Among other more or less quality Chinese manufacturers of glass and films can highlight - Benks, Mofi, Pzoz, Sundatom. Quality is directly proportional to the price. More expensive glass - more navorocheny (more segments, higher impact resistance, the presence of oleofob coatings, etc.)

 Charge smartphone: cables and others gadgets:

 When switching to usb format type C I ran into a problem that one of complete cable for normal use is not enough. I permanently installed in the multiport exercises. And still need a cable to connect to PC. Yes and not hurt to leave one, in case the smartphone unexpectedly discharged. Run everywhere with one-no output. Had to buy, chose from Nillkin and completely satisfiet - the Nillkin cables meets all stated characteristics.

 With cheap cables lottery. Can catch a normal, or maybe not (usually a second). Having farm usb Tester I checked the entire Zoo available cables. Under high load, many were given light current, with a large drawdown in suspense. In simple terms they will charge much longer than usual, and in the format Type (C) it affects the speed of data transmission when connected to a PC. Good results are issued only original and complete cables from Samsung smartphones, Xiaomi and Blitzwolf charging.
 Another group of products which is produced in Nillkin actually the Chargers themselves. For the flagship smartphones supporting Qi charge (wireless) company developed the Magic Disk, after which the Magic Disk appeared 2 and Magic Disk 3. The latest version I have visited to review, it can be seen on Wallmart Store. This article describes and interesting device Magic Tag, which allows you to Wireless charging method absolutely any smartphone.
 The range presented and wired Chargers. Really liked the charging, which essentially is a 3 in 1: this extension number of USB 3.0 connectors (usb hub), multiport charger with maximum current of each port 2, 1A and Wireless charging format Qi. An overview can be found on our Wallmart Store - Minus he only one price. Too much asking for such a "Harvester" - $ 45.99, so he does not enjoy special popularity.
 Alternatives: If you need Wireless charging, only quality brand, for example, you can now buy the original container (at least indicate sellers) Wireless charging Samsung from $15.61. If you need a multiport serial wired, recommend pay attention to brands such as: Aukey, Orico, Blitzwolf. They are cheap, but quality. I have to port 5 c Aukey Quick Charge 2.0 work already 2 years and all Super.

 Other devices

 The company continuously invests in its development and is expanding every year, developing new products. Some devices have them turn out very unusual, such as a desk lamp with Nillkin Wireless charging function Phantom.
 More recently, they started to make wireless speakers, the main feature of which is protected from shock and moisture enclosure. I reviewed Nillkin PlayVox S1, which surprised me by their sound quality at small sizes.
 And if you want a more powerful sound, the site has recently been review at Nillkin X-MAN, which is well protected from bumps and rain. Sound of course he has more powerful, because the speaker is already 2 speaker 3W, Additionally it may fulfil the role of powerbank.
 Alternatives: speakers include two speakers in this price range is very good Xiaomi Mi Speaker, cost about $40. Also I recommend BlitzWolf BW-F4 xBASS for $49.99 that simply amazes with its bass (the claimed power 2h10W).

 Where to buy?

 If you are buying products Nillkin, recommend first of all draw attention to our official store, which operates from a 2014 year you can be sure that you get the original, and if you have any problems with the product (warranty) can hope for a solution to the problem. Despite the fact that the official shop prices here may not be the lowest, so it pays to compare with other sellers. Just a huge range of products available in the Wallmart shop and frequently prices on cases here are even lower than Original Shop. Another shop that you must address - the Store, Nillkin products are widely represented here. The prices are not high, often fleshsejly in which chance advantageous to buy something for their smartphones increases.

 In any case, no matter where you bought - be careful. It is not necessary to take in lesser known stores or vendors with low ratings, because you can simply purchase a fake. I wish you all successful purchases only!
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