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Made in China: Xiaomi - the company trusted by all tech lovers

 A bit of history  It is hard to imagine but still 6.5 years ago the company simply did not exist. Phenomenal growth from its inception until today, when equal Xiaomi with such monsters as Samsung or Apple went in such a short period of time, that it is hard to believe. And all because the company with respect to us, ordinary users. Done by people and for people. Many say the first days of life of the company. It was established April 6, 2010 years to release their own software. What I think when I hear about company Xiaomi? This is the company that changed the world. Seriously. You just think what contribution it has made to the world of style and technique in the first place. They were able to create competition in the Smartphone world monopolists, so-called...

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Meizu HD50 headphones for modern styles

Many know me as a connoisseur of sound equipment, but here's what I never wanted to come, so this is for reviews of headphones. There is just a mass of nuances that make some people enthusiastically model wanted, and others simply repelled, bearing in mind that this is the same sound features. I'm not going to enter into polemics that better, just describe their vision of a sound path Meizu HD50 and will try to assess from the point of view of convenience, relevance and monitornosti sound. CHARACTERISTICS:Type: overhead, headset, wired connectionDesign: folding swivelCable: detachable, length 1.2 meters, 3.5 mm...

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