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Mobile Phones & Accessories
$ 9.92 CAD $ 14.87 CAD
Headphone Jack Earpiece Flex For Samsung Note 2 N7100
DescriptionSpecifics: Brand newHigh quality replacement partCompatible with: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 i317 I605 L900 T889Repair /Replacing old,broken,cracked,damaged Headphone Jack Earpiece...
$ 10.49 CAD $ 15.73 CAD
Front Ear Speaker Repair For Samsung S4 I9500 i337 i545 L720 R970
Description Front Ear Speaker With Proximity Sensor Repair For Samsung Galaxy S4 SIV I9500 i337 i545 L720 R970 Specifics: Brand newHigh quality replacement...
$ 12.31 CAD $ 18.46 CAD
Flex+Memory & SIM Card Holder For Samsung Note 2 LTE N7105 i317
Description Specifics:  For LCD and Digitizer, before you install them onto the phone, please connect it to the board and test...
$ 17.29 CAD $ 25.93 CAD
USB Charging Port Dock Flex Cable For Samsung S5 AT&T SM-G900A
DescriptionSpecifics: Brand newHigh quality replacementReplace your broken, damaged, cracked, unusable flex cable Compatible With: Samsung Galaxy S5 S 5 AT&T SM-G900A Package Included: 1x...
$ 16.26 CAD $ 24.39 CAD
Qi Square Wireless Charger Charging Pad Wood Plate Charger For Cell Phone
Description This QI Wireless Charger allows you to charge your phone without plugging the cable. No need to remove the cable...
$ 10.97 CAD $ 16.45 CAD
Front Facing Camera Cam Flex Cable For Samsung Galaxy I9500 I9505
DescriptionSpecifics: Brand newHigh quality replacementTo Repair your phone faulty,defective Front Face Facing Camera Cam With Flex Cable  Compatible With: Samsung Galaxy...
$ 16.47 CAD $ 24.70 CAD
ROSWHEEL Cycling Bicycle Front Tube Touch Screen Bag For iPhone 7 Plus 6S
Description:1. As one of the hottest products on the cycle market, the phone bagis a perfect example of original, patented...
$ 14.40 CAD $ 21.60 CAD
Micro Usb Digital Indicator USB Data Cable For Mobile Phone
Description:Length:1mVoid voltage: 3~7V;Load current: 0.1~3A;Display current when load, LED 1 light on (blue light);Display voltage when unload, LED 2 light...
$ 8.54 CAD $ 12.81 CAD
WiFi Antenna Signal Flex Cable For Samsung S4 i9505 i337 i545 L720
DescriptionFeatures:High quality replacementReplace your broken, damaged, cracked, unusable flex cable Compatible With:Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 i337 i545 L720 Note:We recommend that this...
$ 9.47 CAD $ 14.21 CAD
Headphone Audio Jack Flex Cable For Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 i337
Description Best replacement for your broken/damaged earpiece & headphone jack flex cable. Compatible with:Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 i9505 i337 Package Included: 1x Earpiece &...
$ 11.57 CAD $ 17.35 CAD
Buzzer Ringer Loudspeaker For Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon i545
Description Best replacement for your broken/damaged loud speaker. Compatible with:SamSung Galaxy S4 Verizon i545 Package Included: 1x Loud SpeakerMore Details:
$ 20.89 CAD $ 31.33 CAD
Rear Back Camera Module For Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 i337 i545 L720
Description Best replacement for your cracked or damaged camera module.This part DOESN'T work for Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500. Compatible with:Samsung Galaxy S4...
$ 6.85 CAD $ 10.27 CAD
Multi-function Bobbin Winder Wire Holder For Cables Random Color
Description:Type:Bobbin WindersMaterial: PlasticColor:Random ColorsNet Weight:0.056kgFeatures:Use Cable Clip Organizer to keep your cables neat and organized.Simple and fashionable design.Peel adhesive to...
$ 22.15 CAD $ 33.22 CAD
Rear Back Camera Flex Cable For Samsung Galaxy S5 i9600 G900
Description Replace your damaged worn part.Compatible with: Samsung Galaxy S5 SV i9600 G900 Note: We recommend that this item is installed by...
$ 9.92 CAD $ 14.87 CAD
Power Button Vibrator Flex Cable For Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000 N9002
Description Replace your broken, damaged, cracked, unusable flex cableCompatible With:  Samsung Galaxy Note3 N9000 N9002 N900A N900P Note:We recommend that this item...
$ 9.36 CAD $ 14.03 CAD
USB Charger Port Flap Cover Replacement For Samsung Galaxy S5
Description Replace your broken, damaged, cracked, unusable part Compatible With: Samsung Galaxy S5  Note:We recommend that this item is installed by a...
$ 9.84 CAD $ 14.76 CAD
Loudspeaker Module Buzzer Ringer Part Antenna For Samsung Galaxy Note i717
Description:Compatible with: SamSung Galaxy Note i717Item specifics:Brand newHigh quality replacement part.Replace damaged worn part on your phone.Package Included:1 X Loud Speaker...
$ 10.12 CAD $ 15.18 CAD
Camera Lens Cover+Charger Port Cover+Tool For Samsung Galaxy S5 I9600 G900
Decription:Compatible with: Samsung Galaxy S5 I9600 G900Material of Lens Cover: PCReplace your broken, defective, unusable charging port cover and camera glass...
$ 10.49 CAD $ 15.73 CAD
REMAX 3.6A 3 USB Port Car Charger Adapter For Cell Phone Tablet
More details: Description:1. Original REMAX 3.6A 3 USB Port Car Charger is suitable for USB devices such as cellphone,tablet PC,    Camera,MP3 Player,Bluetooth Speaker....2. Strong...
$ 14.39 CAD $ 21.58 CAD
Lenuo CL-21 360 Degree Vehicle-mounted Rotation Flexible Car Holder
Product Features:    Brand:Lenuo Model: CL-21 Type: Universal Holder Stand Compatable with: 5.5 Inch below devices   Package included:1 x Lenuo...
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