Tools & Equipments

Tools & Equipments

Tools & Equipments
$10.28 $15.42
5mW Red Beam Portable Laser Pen 5000 Hour Lifespan Continuous Wave Mode Constant Output
This affordable laser pointer beam pen has a 5mW Red laser output making it a must have for any PowerPoint...
$36.32 $54.48
Handheld Oscilloscope DIY Kit 1 Channel 0 200KHz Bandwidth 50Vpk Input Voltage 2.4 Inch Color Displa
Key Features... Handheld oscilloscope that comes in the form of a DIY kit Supports all basic features – making it...
$40.69 $61.04
DIY Oscilloscope Kit 15001K 1Msps 2.4 inch TFT LCD 20mV/Div to 5V/Div Sensitivity 200KHz Bandwidth
Key Features... 1Msps DIY Oscilloscope kit for electronics engineers and hobbyist 200KHz Bandwidth with sensitivity ranging from 20mV/Div to 5V/Div...
$13.10 $19.65
Digital Multimeter 8 Function Edition
Digital Multimeter, which is a special 8 Function Edition can measure a vast range of voltages, current, resistance, continuity (connection...
$86.02 $129.03
Handheld Oscilloscope 8 Bit Touch Screen 2mV/Div To 20V/Div Sensitivity 2MHz Bandwidth 1 Channel
Key Features... Handheld oscilloscope with built-in battery can be carried around anywhere you go Supports all basic features – making...
$101.98 $152.97
NEJE DK 8 Pro5 High Speed Laser Engraver 500mW 512x512 Resolution
Key Features... 500mW Blue and purple laser head can engrave on to engraving on wood, plastic, rubber and more High...
$109.11 $163.67
NEJE DK 8 KZ High Speed Laser Engraver 1000mW Custom Software Included Windows Support 512x512 Resol
Key Features... The NEJE DK-8-KZ high speed engraver is great for precision engraving on wood, plastic, rubber and more Personalize...
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