Skywalker EVE-2000 2240mm Wingspan FPV RC Airplane PNP


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Skywalker EVE-2000 2240mm Wingspan FPV RC Airplane PNP

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It is Skywalker’s latest masterpiece that acts as long-rang cruise professional aerial survey aircraft.Not surprisingly, it is called “Aerial Carrier”.
The players can modify cabin space at their will which can place IPAD 3 directly. With aggressive outlines and the most reasonable aerodynamic performance design, it has been a continuation of strong wind cooling design to keep the best working state. It is equipped with strong double front engines that can control aerial vehicle flexibly.
Through a large number of optimization design and repeated flying testing, it can complete high quality flying, aerial shots and aerial mission in complex environment with real-time dynamic control system on the fuselage.
Brand: Skywalker
Item: EVE-2000
Motor: 2815KV 550*2pcs
Wing span:  2240mm
Propeller: (9*6/10*6 )*2pcs
Fuselage length: 1270mm
Servo: 12g*4pcs
Wing area: 49dm^2
Flying weight: 3800g-4600g
Battery: 4S 10000-16000mah
C.G.: 80-85mm behind the leading edge
Takeoff:  Hand cast, catapult shot
Landing: Parachute landing
Air speed: 60-80km/h
Maximum of flying time: 120-160min
Maximum of flight level: 6000m
Color: White


*Plug and play
*Tough EPO and carbon fiber structure
*Huge equipment bay
*High mounted T-tail
*Twin motors
*Big 48dm2 (744sq in) wing area
*Wide mission capability
User Manual: Click Here
Package Included:
1X Skywalker EVE-2000 2240mm Wingspan FPV RC Airplane PNP

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