BAX9S 12V Halogen Side Park Lights Bulbs Genuine Replacement Headlamp


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- When driving around at night, you need to have the most perfect view of the road possible.
- To allow this perfect view to be created, you need a good reliable set of headlight bulbs.
- Our Clear Xenon Sidelight bulb give a standard yellow light, as found in the bulbs fitted to most vehicles as standard.
- The Xenon gas allows the bulbs to burn considerably brighter than a normal halogen gas filled bulb yet consume the same power at 12 volts, so no wiring/fuse changes are required.


- Color:Warm White
- Style: Standard halogen bulbs
- Fitment Name: H6W, 433, 433C, 434, BAX9S
- Fitment Description: 10mm single contact base, offset pins
- Intended Use: Side / Park Lights Bulbs Bulbs
- Error Status: Error Free (Can bus Friendly)
- Voltage: 12v


- If the item you are looking at contains a bulb fitment in the title, then there is a variant available. You need to carefully check all details provided, and/or the original bulbs fitted, as there are different types of bulbs that fit your vehicle.

Package includes:

1 x Halogen Light

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