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Mu6 headset space2

Mu6 headset space2

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Product introduction: Mu6 Headset Space2 is a triple noise cancellation headset with Hybrid ANC + 1 engine. It blocks 96 percent of the annoying noises and gives them a better sound score. Built-in six microphones improve the clarity of the call so you can listen clearly and focus on the call.

The headset features first-class sound quality with dynamic 40mm driver, low distortion, state-of-the-art ZrO2 coated polymer film, and high resolution. With codecs and the latest CSR Bluetooth 5.0, the nuances of each sound become more detailed.

It also has 3D touch operation with intuitive and simple control. Volume, play, stop, pause, and title changes can be controlled via a trackpad on the right earmuff. Just swipe up and down, left and right. A beep indicates that an operation has occurred.

The headset has a zero pressure ear mask design with large and deep earcups that completely close the ears, with breathable memory foam earpads, so you won`t feel any pressure on your ears. This makes them super comfortable to wear, even for longer periods of time.

The headset also has pause and auto play feature with built-in infrared proximity sensor that automatically stops audio when the headset is removed, and then resumes when the headset is put back on.

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